Tuesday, January 19, 2010

trash and treasures

I didn't think it would take me this long to get set up in the new studio space. Of course I have had some set backs:

The first- what are the odds that the day I paint the floor is the day the maintenance guy decided to finally look at a problem with the steam pipe fitting? The odds turn out to be.... surprise... 100%!
I finished painting the floor at 1pm and the next morning I came in to see, footprints, dirt, and a 5 gallon bucket half catching the drips from the 100 year old steam pipe fan fitting that was last inspected in 1951. Dreary days!

The second- going through boxes of things- I mean I was beginning to feel like I should be on an episode of hoarders - should I keep this or throw it out?
Luckily I found someone who was interested in my fabric scraps- one bin down.
Old patterns that I drafted and thought would come in useful? Gone- five boxes down.

The third-finding things that I had packed away and almost forgotten about such as this:

A cutter gave me this box when she retired, and although the box looks to be from the 1960's these waistcoats came with a little handwritten card on which was written: "Here's what the 110 lb size 32 dashing young man was wearing about town in 1930."
There is a silk bengaline backless dress waistcoat, a full back black bengaline waistcoat and a white cotton pique backless formal waistcoat (with two bow ties- one plain silk and one pre-tied white pique)

In another box, I found some shirt cuffs in their packaging with instructions on how to replace the cuffs on your shirt, a pair of men's wool spats, and one ladies wool gaiter.

I located the Edwardian DB frock coat that I bought from a used clothing store in 1984 and my father in law's tuxedo trousers from the 50's- just a little treasure trove altogether!
These of course I will pack away again and try to keep them from the ravages of time.


  1. Is this a formal wear brochure or a book? How many pages does it have? Thanks

  2. It is neither- it's just the box that the waistcoats and bow ties were stored in.

  3. I see, thanks.Did Forsyth used to be a Canadian haberdasher? That's why I thought it could be a brochure...
    In any case keep up the good work here - I really like your blog

  4. Yes I believe they were or perhaps still are a Toronto based business.