Monday, June 8, 2009

begin again

Well, our designer is coming in this week and we've still not finished with fittings for understudies in the previous shows.

So, I need to juggle the workload (and my poor head, which could use a rest) around in order to get some things ready for him to see.

I've been asked to cut right into fabric, which can be a bit nerve racking because this is our finished product- so I better be right or I have to be able to make it right if I am wrong. (within budget too!)
There are many elements that come into play when interpreting a design and making it real. One is the feel of what the designer is after. If the design is set in a specific time, say the 1920's, there are still many variations within it that help to define the character. There are period details in tailoring that can be rather subtle to the average eye and it is my job to know or discover these when making patterns. In addition to design interpretation I have to deal with all different shapes and sizes of actors. Some of them I have made things for previously so I have an idea of their shape and figuration, but others I haven't, and I am working from measurements that I did not take myself, so the pressure is on to get all of these elements right the first time through.

So, I've started with some trousers.

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